Resistance is compulsory


Yes, it was clickbait, and yes it worked – “Taylor Swift faces backlash over Women’s March”. What could she have possibly said? That it’s all well but it’s not going to change anything now? That dressing up as vaginas or writing messages on sanitary pads is exactly the sort of spectacle that got Trump elected in the first place? That maybe the Democrats should try to reconnect with the Centre? That Western feminists don’t seem to march much when women’s rights are trampled around the world?



Backlash? For supporting the March? Perhaps from some alt-right Trump trolls?





1.Marching is now compulsory.

2.If only more celebrities spoke up against Trump during the election…

3.You can’t simply oppose a candidate – you have to be vocal and on the record before, during and after the election.

Congratulations, guys; resistance is not just an option, it is now compulsory.

And yes, it’s Resistance. Just listen to the Boss, at his concert in Perth last night:

We’re a long way from home, and our hearts and spirits are with the hundreds of thousands of women and men that marched yesterday in every city in America, and in Melbourne. [They] rallied against hate and division and in support of tolerance, inclusion, reproductive rights, civil rights, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, the environment, wage equality, gender equality, healthcare, and immigrant rights. We stand with you. We are the new American resistance.

Occupied countries have resistance, democracies have opposition. These people are deluded.