IF YOU LIKE YOUR WALL, YOU CAN PAY FOR YOUR WALL – I’m not opposed to the concept of a wall. As I wrote before, I believe both a wall and an amnesty of some sort will have to play a part in a sensible immigration reform. But contrary to the campaign rhetoric, Mexico won’t pay for the wall; the American consumers will. If you slap an effective 20 per cent tariff on all the Mexican imports (I’m assuming the end of NAFTA too), that 20 per cent on the value at the border will be passed on down the importer-distributor-wholesaler-buyer chain all the way to Mr and Mrs Mainstreet. Presumably for the protectionist in Trump there is an added bonus of making similar American goods and products more competitive against the now dearer Mexican imports, but in most cases the American consumers already have the option of supporting the home-grown and home-manufactured by paying more to “buy American”. What the tariffs do is force everyone else, including the people who can least afford it, to do so. Just another reminder that whatever the politician’s political colour is, it’s the average folk, not “Mexico” or “the rich”, who end up paying for their grand visions.