PUT TARIFFS ON SHARIA – This is getting rather tiresome:

The study of 900 migrants, by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, found 40 percent of migrants thought their religion always took precedence over secular laws.

A similar percentage thought Western people were too liberal in their lifestyles and had too much freedom.

One in five said women should not be allowed to work, according to the survey, which was commissioned by the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

Four out of five refugees said they agreed men and women were equal but believed Muslim women should cover their heads and bodies in Austria…

Of those surveyed, 37 percent said they wanted separated gymnastics and swimming lessons for boys and girls in schools…

Questioners interviewed 900 Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees in Austria and some of the answers may have surprised the Foreign Ministry mandarins.

Only 61 percent of the refugees considered themselves religious and only three out of 10 prayed five times a day, as required by the Koran.

One good sign is that 83 percent said they were prepared to happily coexist with other religions while 45 percent maintained Islam was superior to other religions.

Maybe, just maybe, we should stop importing people whose worldview is incompatible with our own. I don’t consider the introduction of Islamic legal ideas to be particularly culturally enriching, but clearly that’s my latent racism and bigotry speaking.