LET’S NOT OFFEND PREGNANT BLOKES – The idiocy of the day comes courtesy of the British Medical Association which in its internal document, “A guide to effective communication: inclusive language in the workplace”, bends over backwards – and while at, it bend science, too – to be all-inclusive:

Gender inequality is reflected in traditional ideas about the roles of women and men. Though they have shifted over time, the assumptions and stereotypes that underpin those ideas are often deeply rooted.

A large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women. We can include intersex men and transmen who may get pregnant by saying ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘expectant mothers’.

If you carry a child in your womb for nine months and then give birth, you are a mother. Biology doesn’t care for your feelings. But the BMA clearly does, changing language for the benefit of a tiny number of “pregnant people” involved.