GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY CLIMBS UP THE RANKS – Congratulations to Brisbane’s very own Griffith University for making us Queenslanders proud in the only university rankings that matter – the number of female students signed up to – a sugar daddy site.

The largest number of new sign-ups to the site in 2016 was from students at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (92) followed by Monash University (87) and Griffith University (85). Ranking fourth was found to be University of Melbourne (84) followed by Deakin University (77). claims that 100,000 Australian students are now members (they count women who signed up with university email addresses or list their occupation as a student), which strikes me as a gross BS over-estimate. But it’s good to see the budding business nous, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit by so many Griffith students, which will no doubt set them up nicely to successfully compete for jobs and the future with all the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology graduates.