The multicultural rot of Rotherham


I can’t remember many other stories over the past few years which have so infuriated and outraged me since I first stumbled across it some time ago.

In a sleepy Midlands town of Rotherham, for over a decade, gangs of mostly adult British-Pakistani men have groomed and sexually abused some one thousand and four hundred (yep, that’s right, one thousand and four hundred) local, mostly underage, girls, and for years, despite mounting evidence that something very wrong was happening in their midst, the local authorities and law enforcement pretty much sat on their hands out of fear that taking action might appear to be racist and rock the happy multicultural boat of modern Britain (you can read the full independent report into the affair here, if you have a strong stomach).

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but now that the whole terrible saga has been finally exposed under the glare of national and international publicity, we are finally seeing convictions resulting from the years of abuse:

Six men who sexually abused two “naive and vulnerable” young girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago have been jailed for a total of 81-and-a-half years.

Three brothers and three other men were sentenced for 19 “vile” offences committed against two girls including rape and false imprisonment at Sheffield Crown Court today.

Five of the men were convicted at Sheffield Crown Court last Wednesday of sexually exploiting two young girls at flats on Fitzwilliam Road in Eastwood, while another admitted before the trial to sexually abusing one of the victims.

And of course, “when the sentences were passed down, there was a shout of ‘Justice’ from one of the victims, while [two of the convicted men] Ali and Tayab shouted the Muslim creed ‘Allahu Akbar’.” Because God must be truly great if you can for years get away with raping underage white infidel trash.

How do you get Trump, Brexit, Le Pen and the wave of populism currently sweeping the globe? Let me spell it for you: R-O-T-H-E-R-H-A-M. There comes a time when the people finally get sick and tired of being treated as fools and (expendable) pawns in the trendy, happy-clappy multicultural elite’s grand project to remake the society, without the input of the society, which is too dumb to know what’s good for them (that the left is now the chief exponent of this attitude toward their fellow average working and middle class countrymen and women is one of the saddest ironies of recent political history, as many commentators like Brendan O’Neill never tire of pointing out).

The story of the mass sexual abuse in Rotherham is outrageous enough in itself, but what’s also outrageous is that the overwhelming majority of the people in positions of authority, who so dismally failed in their duty of care to the residents of Rotherham, have gotten off with barely a slap on the wrist. Whether actively covering up the abuse, or merely getting into the “three monkeys” act lest the truth disrupt the cherished multicultural harmony, hundreds of social workers, health workers, police officers, community leaders and politicians have enabled this outrage to go on for far too long. It  makes you think how many more Rotherhams out there are waiting, like ticking bombs, to explode in everyone’s faces. It also confirms that in the left’s identity politics hierarchy race/religion trump gender; sexual and domestic violence and abuse are terrible when perpetrated by white males, but covered up when the perpetrator is “the other”. Where are the feminists?

In the end, everything comes out in the open, and when that happens, people are pissed off not just about the original crime but also about the subsequent cover up. Everyone ends up worse that way – the victims, the authorities, the society – and yet the urge to do everything to protect cherished narratives persists. At its peril.