HOW TO SURVIVE WITH 5400 TINDER MATCHES – The heart-breaking and tear-jerking story of the day comes courtesy of “The Daily Mail”, which writes about the sad plight of a 19-year old Austrian model, Jazz Egger, who i suffering from a very rare condition of having achieved more than 5,400 matches with egger (geddit?) guys on Tinder. The situation has now reached a crisis point:

‘I travel a lot and people keep Super Liking me [every Tinder user has one Super Like to give away per day].’

Jazz says she used to think it was ‘normal’ to get so many Super Likes – also known as ‘blue matches’ – until a friend explained to her that the average female user gets just one or two per month.

She added: ‘I reached a point where I couldn’t answer everyone anymore, because I [had] swiped right on every Super Like.’

Jazz added a message to her profile saying: ‘Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can’t answer everyone anymore. I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand.’


Poor little attention and publicity seeking thing. Don’t want five thousand matches? Stop @#%& swiping right on everyone. I know it’s a radical idea but maybe just match with those guys who you are attracted to or who have interesting profiles? It works for everyone else, so I would assume it could also work for a model. Only one way to find out.