Revolution as a mating call of beta males


Igor Sadikov, a student at Canada’s McGill University and a member of its Legislative Council and Board of Directors of its Students’ Society is facing disciplinary charges over his call on Twitter to “punch a Zionist today”. As you can gather, Igor is a strong supporter of the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement; or perhaps Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions and Punching.

The problem with Igor – well, one of many – is that he looks like he would break his hand should he actually try to punch a Zionist, or anyone for that matter, and then sue them on the account of their muscle privilege causing his injury. I’m pretty sure that any Zionist youth, male or female, who has spent a holiday working on a kibbutz, would be able floor Igor with their little finger.


Meanwhile on Huffington Post, a soulful-looking Jesse Benn, who describes himself as an “engaged citizen, opinionated writer, critical media studies scholar, amateur photographer/videographer, [who] engages in random acts of journalism” (that’s lot of engaging there, Jesse) has argued the logic of violent response to Donald Trump.


And we also had Dr George Ciccorioello-Maher from Drexel University, who at the end of last year twitted that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide. George doesn’t appear to be a person of colour so perhaps he was just feeling suicidal, as many of us do around the holiday time.


I’m far from the first person to think that the revolutionary fervour amongst males is often used as a tactic to attract women – just look at the 1960s with their student protests. It’s easy to chuckle about it but there is something to it. Evolutionary biology is not surprised that women can be attracted to strong and aggressive males, who are seen as clearly capable of protecting them and their offspring. But in the age of feminism, chivalry is frowned upon as condescending and outdated. Women don’t need white knights, thank you very much; they can take care of themselves. So how can a man use the old evolutionary trick in this new and challenging mating environment? Simple: he can redirect his aggression. Don’t be a macho guy threatening to punch anyone who dares to look the wrong way at your love interest; be a sensitive new age revolutionary threatening to punch anyone who threatens in an abstract way her interests and her future – “women’s rights”, “the society”, “our planet”, etc.

So next time you see a weedy-looking male sporting a beanie and/or bow tie and/or wire-rimmed glasses and/or Trotsky-style facial hair who is advocating punching “Nazis” and bashing “racists” just think of him as a political peacock unfurling his rather shabby red tail and prancing around the members of the Feminist Collective. They will seem funnier that way.