Real news, fake headlines


I don’t blame Reuters’ Parisa Hafezi because the headline most likely been written by a subeditor at some stage of the process, but it’s nevertheless case in point number 56,835 on why people increasingly don’t buy the mainstream media bullshit with its not-so-hidden agendas and obsessions.

So let’s get this straight – hundreds of thousands did not rally in Iran against Trump. They rallied, as they do every year on 10 February, to celebrate the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which brought the current crop of jolly Islamist theocrats to power.

Every year too, they chant “Death to America”, burn American flags, and burn and/or stomp on effigies or photos of whoever the current president of the United States is. They did in 2016, before Trump, with an added bonus of re-staging the capture of American sailors by the Iranian navy.


In 2013, also before Trump, they were mocking the Messiah, I mean President Obama.


Which wasn’t as bad as in 2015 when they were spitting on him.


Ever since 1979, Iranian Islamists, whether heardliners or “moderates”, have been anti-American in a very small-“c” catholic, non-partisan – or bi-partisan – way, hating on whoever occupied the White House at a given time, Republican or Democrat. In other words, dear media, stop obsessing and maybe just report the news, OK?