Your very own 18-inch transgender toy


It’s only February, but put that on a gift ideas list for your Christmas stocking – if it fits.

When I read this morning about the world’s first 18-inch transsexual doll, my first thought was “that’s a bit excessive”, but as I read on, I discovered that that “the first transgender doll on the market” will actually be an 18-inch plastic representation of a transgender teen Jazz Jennings. Obviously I’m not quite “in” with popular culture because I had no idea who Jazz was – until now.

The article also¬†told that the Jazz doll will have “a ‘genderless’ plastic mold typical of most dolls”, which means that it’s technically not a transgender doll, being sans any genitals at all. One could indeed buy it (for $89.99) never having realised one bought anything else than a girl doll. Particularly if, like me, you don’t know who Jazz was. And I’m really not sure whether children also need to know who Jazz is or be taught about changing gender.

I’m a firm believer though that due to “social progress”, in the next ten years we will see a new and exciting version of an old favourite, medical play toy, where your 8-year old will be able to perform a gender re-assignment surgery, thanks to some extra detachable parts.


This is somewhat beside the point, but why are dolls so serious? Jazz seems like a pretty happy and cheerful person – wouldn’t your children rather play with a beautifully smiling first transgender doll on the market?