I’VE GOT 72 VIRGINS, BUT THE BITCH AIN’T ONEA wannabe rapper possibly comes to crapper:

Rachid Kassim, a 29-year-old Frenchman of Algerian background, was targeted in a U.S. air strike sometime last week, according to Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway…

Kassim, the artist formerly known as L’Oranais, left his failed rap career in 2015 and traveled to Syria to join ISIS. He spent most of his childhood years in France, but previously told George Washington University fellow Amarnath Amarasingam in an interview that he lived briefly in Oran, an Algerian city from which he derived his stage name.

The former rapper-turned-terrorist was apparently much more effective as a terrorist than a music artist, becoming a well-known ISIS recruiter. He used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to encourage attacks in Europe, and was reportedly tied to the murders of a French couple in June and a French priest in July. He may also have been linked to a failed car bomb attack on the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in September.

Number one with a bullet, Kassim’s new song is exploding all over radio. With a thumping bass like the roar of an Apache helicopter and a deadly hook that hits you like a drone, Kassim’s first single off the album “Straight Outta Raqqa”, a remake of Public Enemy’s “911 is a Zionist Conspiracy”, is bound to set the charts on fire.