Are you a Muslim today?


Welcome again to the multicultural left’s never-ending festival of symbolism – only five days to go until you can be a Muslim too:

We invite you all to join us for a day of solidarity in support of equality and tolerance, supporting American Muslims. The event starts at 12pm in Times Square – 48th St and Broadway. Family friendly.

There is no greater time than now to stand up for our Muslim brothers and sisters who are under increasing threat and pressure. See you in Times Square!Please join Russell Simmons, Imam Shamsi Ali, Rabbi Marc Schneier, Daisy Khan, Linda Sarsour and many other leaders from the community for this powerful event.

Linda Sarsour, of course, came to everyone’s attention recently as one of the organisers of anti-Trump Women’s March who happily tweets paeans to Sharia law, the joys of interest-free Islamic banking, and never mind driving because Saudi women have paid maternal leave. Oh, and the charming one about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who, among other things, is a victim of female genital mutilation:


But enough about Ms Sarsour’s civil rights activism.

“Today, I Am A Muslim Too” will no doubt be a fun event, where the largely areligious, feminist, gay-friendly, pro-choice, artistic crowd of trendies and hipsters will identify for a day with the world’s second largest religion that stands for everything they normally despise if it was espoused by white males instead; a religion which furthermore consigns people like them to death, persecution, ostracism, marginalisation or silence wherever it is a majority or state religion. Gen Y and Millennial women, whose mothers and grandmothers burned bras and protested about patriarchy telling them what to do and what to wear, will proudly don head scarves in solidarity, Dawkins fans will confuse religion with race to make themselves feel better about participating, and “Queers for Palestine” will maybe even make a guest appearance again.