MELBOURNE DEATH WISH – The existence of vigilantism represents the surrender by the civilised society to the forces of chaos, a tragic regression. One of the outcomes of the progress of civilisation is that the state assumes the sole responsibility for law and order, and discharges that responsibility in a professional, impartial and accountable manner.

A Melbourne man is starting a vigilante group to “take back our streets” from ethnic street gangs that are terrorising locals.

Hayden Bradford believes police and the justice system are not to doing enough to protect Victorians and has started recruiting potential members for the group.Some of the recruits are so desperate for action they have already pledged thousands of dollars to finance the group, which Mr Bradford hopes will be patrolling streets soon.He told the first meeting could take place within days.“I think it’s getting to that stage people are just sort of saying ‘if we have to take back our streets then fine — we’ll do it our way’.”Mr Bradford said there was “no doubt” there was some strong right-wing views in the community, but what he was proposing didn’t involve any law-breaking or taking the law into their own hands.“That’s not what we’re about. What we’re saying is put a presence there because the gutless bastards won’t do anything if there’s a presence.”The ‘people power’ illustrates the dramatic escalation in the tension and fear that exists in some sections of the community in the Victorian capital.Youth gangs, including notorious Apex, have been unleashing mayhem on city streets for months including bashings, home invasions and carjackings.

While I’m very glad to hear that the intention is not to unleash Clint Eastwoods and Charles Bronsons on Melbourne streets, there really should not be a need in modern day Australia for private citizens to do the job that the law enforcement agencies should be.

Where the hell are the police? Where the hell is the Labor government?  The Andrews government surely must be the worst state government in Australia. Maybe if the Premier spent less time trying to forcibly unionise volunteer fire-fighters and concentrated instead on making sure the already unionised government emergency services actually work…