SNAIL MAIL – Australia Post might be shit at delivering mail, but they’re still pretty good at overpaying their CEO and stifling competition:

A start-up founder has accused Australia Post of “monopoly tactics” as the pair face off in a legal battle over a cut-price parcel service.The national carrier is locked in a trademark war with Sendle, a door-to-door delivery provider that claims to offer rates 40 per cent cheaper than traditional post.

Australia Post has blocked the fledgling company’s registration of its tagline “post without the office”, a slogan it claims breaches its own trademark.The taxpayer-owned organisation is expected to argue that Sendle’s use of the words “post” and office” is misleading and may confuse the public into thinking that its service is a part of Australia Post’s operations, when the matter is heard by IP Australia today.

Don’t worry, guys; if Sendle really is cheaper, faster and more efficient, public will not be mislead and confused into thinking they’re part of Australia Post.