VIKING BLASPHEMY – Good old Scandinavia; liberal, progressive, tolerant, secular Scandinavia. Did you know that Denmark still has blasphemy laws on the books? Neither did I. This could be because they haven’t been used for the past 46 years. Half a century ago is probably exactly the time when the secularised local elites stopped pretending they need to give a shit about Christianity, which shaped their culture for a millennium.

A Danish man who posed a video of himself setting fire to the Quran on Facebook has been charged with blasphemy in the first such prosecution for 46 years.

The 42-year-old suspect put the clip, entitled “Consider your neighbour: it stinks when it burns” to a group called “YES TO FREEDOM – NO TO ISLAM” in December 2015.

Jan Reckendorff, from the public prosecutor’s office in Viborg, said: “It is the prosecution’s view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Quran can in some cases be a violation of the blasphemy clause, which covers public scorn or mockery of religion.

“It is our opinion that the circumstances of this case mean it should be prosecuted so the courts now have an opportunity to take a position on the matter.”

For the record, I’m opposed to burning books, whether secular or religious. It’s what fascists do. Burning holy books, in particular, is clearly designed to hurt the religious feelings of people of faith. As such, it is both illiberal and nasty. I would never do it, but I would never ban and criminalise it either. It’s a freedom of speech issue like any other.

I do find the whole situation ironic, however, because I can’t see any circumstances nowadays where anyone blaspheming against Christianity would ever be prosecuted. It is far too common and besides, it’s considered art. But like animals, all religions might be equal (and equally silly in the eyes of the godless elites) but some religions are clearly more equal than others.