Correct outrage, incorrect outrage, Part II


A few days ago I weighed in on the Milo controversy, to make a point that we should be consistent and non-partisan in our abhorences and condemnations. In this instance, paedophilia being both criminally and ethically wrong, my hope was that we could be as harsh in criticising those promoting it on the right (like Milo) as those on the left (including the actual perpetrators, like Roman Polanski). This was a rather forlorn hope, because I know that in real life (as in entertainment), those with “correct” views and “correct” friends – essentially those on the left – can get away with anything.

Just to underline that point, since the Milo tapes first came to light two other recordings resurfaced. In the first one, liberal talk show host Bill Maher doesn’t see anything wrong with a 13 year old boy fathering two children with his 30-something female teacher, arguing she shouldn’t be in jail because “love”:

And here is a liberal gay icon George Takei having a great time recounting how he was interfered with by an older man when he was only 13. Call it paedophilia, call it pederasty, it’s still very much illegal, never mind not funny (listen from around 2:00).

Both Maher and Takei say exactly the same things that Milo said: Takei made light of his own abuse, and Maher argued it’s perfectly fine (at least in some circumstances) for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a pubescent child.

So where is the outrage? Where are the condemnations? When will Bill Maher lose his show? When will George Takei start being ostracised by millions of his social media followers?

One rule for the left, one rule for the right. And that’s not right.