Check your hot female privilege


Forget white privilege. Or male privilege. Or white male privilege, which presumably trumps them all (no pun intended), including black male privilege and white female privilege. We need to talk about an elephant in the room – a cute elephant to be sure, size 6 and with really big… ears – but an elephant nevertheless: the hot female privilege. I am talking about the positive discrimination, the very affirmative action, the special treatment that attractive women expect – and usually get. Yes, I’m generalising – not all of them; for one, all the beautiful but modest readers of The Daily Chrenk are exceptions. And handsome men can be pretty entitled too, but they don’t get away with it as much, mostly because women are smarter than guys, and think more with their heads and less with their genitalia.

This week, the internet was quick to turn on Becca Gronski, who is aiming to raise $US10,000 ($13,000) to fund a trip around the world.

The self-proclaimed “spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer” from the US, set up her GoFundMe page in February.

“I’m raising money to support myself on my travels and spiritual journey around the world,” she explains in her post.

“I believe we should all have the opportunity to have the things we need at our finger tips, whether or not we have the money for them.

“I have set up this go fund me so that anyone who feels I have helped them in any way or would like to be apart (sic) of what I am doing and would like to help me fund my travels back to Australia (where I would eventually like to create my home base) and around the world, they can do so. 🙂 ”


This is Becca Gronski. OK, she probably won’t raise $10,000 (she’s only just past one kilo, despite all the free publicity and over 80,000 Facebook shares she’s got so far), but if she was an average bloke, or a very spiritual but rather homely young woman instead of a (probably Polish heritage) alt-hippy fox, would Becca (or Ben) even think they could fundraise for a private jaunt out of kindness of complete strangers?

Perhaps Becca should adopt and adapt a slogan from Australian teachers’ union: I Give A Gronski.

Yes, there is a definite generational aspect to it: Gen Ys and the Millennials, with their sense of entitlement only paralleled by their self-confidence (read: chutzpah) and sense of own worth, are the master practitioners of emotional welfarism. But the hot female privilege is as old as homo sapiens, or at least as old as homo sapiens sapiensing with his dick, which come to think of it, is probably exactly the same historical time-frame.

The effect of personal appearance on all facets of life has been studied exhaustively for decades by psychologists and sociologists the world over. Studies show that attractive babies and children receive more attention from parents, nurses, and strangers. Attractive students in school get more time from teachers in classrooms and are graded higher than less attractive children. They are also blamed less and disciplined less for their misbehaviour. Attractive children and adolescents are more popular with their peers and adults, and receive more attention.

As adults, more attractive people find it easier to get hired, they are paid more once they are, and are promoted faster into better and better paying jobs. They continue to be more socially popular, sought after, and indulged. If they fall in trouble with the law, the juries are more likely to go easier on them than on the less attractive defendants. If, on the other hand, they want to be the ones who make laws, the more attractive candidates have the edge on those less blessed by nature and good genes, which in politics, or Hollywood for ugly people as it’s also called, is the great majority.

The hotness privilege clearly is non-gender specific, but undoubtedly more pronounced in women, because men are more obsessive and obsessed about them than vice-versa. From the proverbial carrying a girl’s textbooks and doing her homework for her at school, it continues through teenage years and into adulthood. Hot women are chatted up and complimented, doors are open for them and lifts given, drinks are bought, as are meals and gifts, trespasses forgiven and opportunities made available. They surf through life on the waves of adulation; men want them, other women want to be like them, in the breaks between hating and envying them. They turn heads wherever they go and whatever they do; eyes follow them around the room, fingers follow them on social media.

But it’s time to stand up and say: enough is enough.

Just as white privilege needs to be constantly checked, so we – the oppressed average and below average should demand women check their hot female privilege. #UglyLivesMatter too. The government should do something. Maybe the authorities can investigate whether we can redistribute the looks – from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. And if that’s not feasible, maybe at least the powers that be can redistribute the attention and the benefits so unfairly hoarded by our hot overclass. If all else fails, just as with the recent proposal that white people should pay an extra 5% tax on their privilege, maybe we can tax hot women too. Isn’t it time that Emily Ratajkowski bought you a drink for a change?