IS THERE ANYTHING HE CAN’T DO? – Donald Trump is becoming, like climate change, a catch-all scapegoat for everything under the sun.

He can make you lose weight:

 “Donald Trump became president and I stopped being able to eat food,” [Lena Dunham] told [Howard] Stern after he complimented her look. “Everyone’s been asking like, ‘What have you been doing?’ And I’m like, ‘Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight.’”

He can make you gain weight:

“Donald Trump is making me gain weight. I start the day with liquids, but after the morning news, I eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup!” [Barbara Streisand] tweeted on Saturday.

Meanwhile the man himself eats crap food – including a well-done steak with ketchup for God’s sake – and doesn’t exercise, yet he is still alive.