Happy International Women’s Day!


My late mother really lucked out in life, not just because a negligently undiagnosed cancer took her at the way-too-young-for-this-day-and-age age of 63, but also because she always missed out on flowers. Today would have been her 74th birthday. Today also happens to be the International Women’s Day. As if that was not enough, her name day fell on Christmas Eve. All her life, 50 per cent less presents than an average woman.

I remember the International Women’s Day celebrated throughout my idyllic communist childhood. The upper middle aged Party officials in ill-fitted suits would give red carnations to their secretaries and female junior subordinates, and we would all be encouraged to ponder on the integral role played by women in building our socialist future. As Comrade Stalin said in 1925, “Not a single great movement of the oppressed in the history of the mankind [sic, sexist pig] has been able to do without the participation of working women.” Mind you, by 1975 or 1985 no one was quoting Stalin any more; the apparatchiks merely wanted to distract us with women’s marches and recognition ceremonies from contemplating how in a society supposedly built on equality and egalitarianism women were labouring under patriarchy far more stifling than anything in the capitalist West.


I’m all for celebrating women, but let’s do it every day of the year, just as let not Valentine’s Day stop us from celebrating love the year-round. It is quite apt that the International Women’s Day was invented as a socialist propaganda exercise – from the Socialist Party of America, via the Second International, through the Soviet Union and her empire, and adopted by the United Nations (of course) in 1977 only – because we have come a full circle where the Day is now surrounded with a mystique of left-wing tokenism and virtue signalling.

In Victoria, for example – and the timing of the announcement is surely not coincidental – the government will trial for 12 months creating an equal number of male and female walking signs at pedestrian crossings, presumably because the deep-seated sexism of forcing women to follow the instructions of a (presumably) male stick figure on when it’s safe to cross the street. VicRoads department has not only committed a cardinal sin of assuming the gender of the current stick figure – what if (insert an appropriate personal pronoun) already identifies as a woman? – but are going to stereotype women as skirt-wearers, the traditional attire that many women have tried for centuries to escape (not least the permanently pant-suited Hillary Clinton). And what about transgender walking signs? Will we also now have calls from Islamic┬ácommunity leaders that in high-concentration Muslim suburbs the female walking signs should be modestly attired or at least veiled? Will Wahhabi-influenced imams argue that a female walking sign should be accompanied by a male walking sign who is her male relative or a guardian?

Meanwhile our national broadcaster ABC is celebrating the IWD by banishing all the male TV and radio presenters and replacing them with their female colleagues. Don’t worry, it’s just for the day; it’s much easier than actually having women run more shows themselves throughout the year.

No news if every female ABC presenter will get a red carnation from the very woke (male) management.

To all my female and female-identifying readers and fans, you know I love you and celebrate you all the 365 days a year, and 366 days in a leap year.