‘ZOO SUES PRODUCERS FOR “TRAUMATISING” RACCOON WITH AN “EROTIC VIDEO” SHOOT’ –  This is quite possibly the best headline of the week.

Employees at a petting zoo in Moscow are livid over the treatment it says its raccoon received during a video shoot. The zoo’s representatives claim that Tomas the raccoon was rented to a production company for a commercial shoot that turned out to be an “erotic video” and now Tomas is “traumatized.”

Animals Aren’t Toys characterizes itself as a “contact zoo” and its motto is “little animals are not toys.” Reportedly, the zoo made a deal with Russian video firm called Art-Msk back in August for Tomas to be featured in a “regular advertisement.” Spokesman Viktor Kiryukhin tells the BBC that when the raccoon returned from his filmmaking adventure he was traumatized and “was attracted to women’s breasts.”

Je Suis Tomas.

Call it a petting zoo and people start getting the wrong idea.