Stop discriminating against communism!


Dear political class, entertainment industry and the commentariat

I write to you to kindly request you end the widespread rhetorical discrimination against socialism and communism. Not only do you have before you an unparalleled opportunity to restore some much needed totalitarian equity, but you can also at the same time enrich and greatly expand your own historical metaphor vocabulary – for your and the society’s benefit.

It is getting quite boring and unoriginal when you label every politician you disapprove of and ascribe dictatorial traits and aspirations to a new or another Hitler, every policy you don’t like is Naziesque, and every minor political controversy makes you think you’re living in the 1930s’ Germany.

Adolf and his not-so-merry band of the German National Socialist Workers’ Party cronies have worked hard to establish their brand of totalitarianism as a gold standard of evil for convenient future analogies, but if Hitler were alive today (as in the real Hitler, not [insert the name of the said politician you disapprove of]) he would not want to monopolise the popular historical memory and take the credit for all dastardry. Adolf was never too vain not to share credit and acknowledge inspiration and contribution of other strains of anti-democratic, anti-liberal, anti-capitalist, anti-Western theory and practice. If Hitler could be of such a generous spirit, why can’t you?

So, please find below a useful guide to expanding your outrage vocabulary:

Hitler – no need to be so German-centric; why not try instead “a new Stalin”, “another Pol Pot”, Mao, Lenin, Kim, Ho, or Castro.

Nazi/fascist (national socialist) – communist, socialist, Bolshevism, Stalinist, Leninist, Maoist, Marxist.

Far-right – far-left.

Nazi Germany – Soviet Union, communist Russia, Stalinist Russia, Communist Bloc, 1930s’ Soviet Union, 1970s’ Cambodia.

Gestapo/SS – KGB, NKVD, Cheka, Stasi, Bezpieka, Securitate.

Concentration camp/Auschwitz – gulag, Kolyma, laogai.

Holocaust – communist genocide, Holodomor, the purges, Year Zero, Mao’s Great Famine, the Great Leap Forward.

Goebbels (as in the master of propaganda) – Pravda, TASS, Comintern, Karl Radek, dezinformatsiya.

Brownshirts – Spartacists, Red Front-Fighters, Khmer Rouge.

Swastika – Hammer and Sickle, Red Star, Red Flag.

Hitler Youth – Pioneers, Komsomol.Mein Kampf – The Capital, What Needs To Be Done, The Little Red Book.

See? It’s easy if you try, comrades.