TRIGGSER WARNINGOminous words from the Queen of S 18C, at a fundraiser for Bob Brown’s foundation in Tasmania:

Sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home.

The left no longer sees any contradiction between wanting the government to get out of the bedroom and wanting it to get into the kitchen. If it was up to Gillian Triggs, Big Sister would be staring at you from a ubiquitous, ever-present, ever-on monitor in every room of your home, communicating the party line but also watching and listening lest you commit a thoughtcrime. Failing this high-tech totalitarian solution, if only we could somehow set husbands against wives, children against parents, brothers against sisters, so that a happy army of Pavlik Morozov clones to denounce the bigoted opinions of their family members and allow the Human Rights Commission can step to punish and re-educate.

Gillian Triggs offends me, insults me, and tries to intimidate me.