KINDA PROVES THE POINTAyaan Hirsi Ali argues there is a need for a debate within Islam about Islam, and has to cancel her speaking tour because of security concerns. She might be an ex-Muslim atheist but at least one Muslim cleric agrees – with predictable results:

Imam Tawhidi has spoken out about ISIS in the past and says he has been called a “fake Muslim” by the community when he speaks about Islamic radicalisation in Australia.

“They have called me a fake Muslim imam or a Shaikh only because I expose their intentions to create a caliphate within Australia,” he says in a four-minute video posted to Facebook. “I am considered a fake because I condemn terrorism. I am considered a fake because I oppose and expose extremism.”

Since backing Ms Ali’s call to close Islamic schools, he has reportedly been forced into hiding with a police escort, for fear of retribution by the Muslim community.

This is not how you win friends and influence people.