Not a sackable offence at our public broadcaster: being biased.

A sackable offence at our public broadcaster: being distracted.

News presenter Natasha Exelby has now been fired by ABC24 after her moment of on-air absent-mindedness went viral around the world.

Who amongst us has not been so fascinated by their pen that they did not realise they were back on air?

Natasha recovered very quickly and got back to her script, but that did not save her from the axe. There is a number of things she could have blurted out straight away to make herself immune to termination, like:

“Climate change is real, it’s catastrophic and it’s here.”

“Donald Trump – can you believe it?”

“There are not enough female presenters at the ABC.”

“Islam is the most feminist religion.”

If only she has been quicker on her feet…