PYONGYANG, 100,000,000° CELSIUS, MUSHROOM CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF FALLOUT SHOWERS – L’il Kim is getting crazier and the peninsula is getting hotter by the minute. But is it serious or just theatrical shadow boxing?

By all accounts the meeting between Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, a few days ago went quite well. In my more Machiavellian moments, this is what I imagine Don told Xi one on one: “Xi, that Kim fellow is out of control and he’ll get us all in a war – you, me, the Japs, South Koreans – on purpose or accidentally. None of us want war; it’s bad for business. So he has to go. I’ll give you a free hand in the North and won’t do anything to hinder you. Do what you need, how you need it. Get rid of him and turn the North into a clone of your country. You can have the communist party running the whole show but reform it like you did at home. The North can be your satellite forever. I’ll keep the South in check so they don’t have any illusions about reunification. That way everyone wins. So how about it?”