WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH YOUR BUNNY BURGER? – Another case of “it sounded so good at our last marketing brainstorming session” or “people getting outraged about everything”?


Burger chain Grill’d has outraged animal rights activists with the launch of its rabbit-meat Easter ‘Bunny Burger.’

On the Bunny Burger web page, Grill’d assures readers that all the burger’s ingredients are “ethically sourced.”

Rabbit meat for the burgers is sourced from Alpine Game Meats in New South Wales and Macleay Valley Rabbits.

Many commenting on social believe there is no way to ethically source rabbit meat, with some posting photos and statistics about Australia’s rabbit meat and fur industry.

That’s one way, I guess, to break it to your child that Easter Bunny doesn’t exist. But let’s not try the same trick with Santa.

The irony, of course is, that for over a century, good old English rabbit naively introduced to Australia has been one of the continent’s greatest pests. You could probably feed the whole country on bunny burgers sourced “from the Outback”, but for the minor details such as the public health laws and nightmarish logistics. Hence, the otherwise plentiful pest meat has to be obtained from bunny farms, whether or not they are nasty places, according to animal rights activists.

At $13.50 per burger – and judging by the public’s comments – it’s clearly a one-off novelty item. In the week of Kardashian Pepsi and United Airlines PR disasters, chalk up a small one for Australia.