THE SOFT BIGOTRY OF LOW EXPECTATIONSA feel-good story of the day:

A Muslim father has been praised for his reaction when his 17-year-old daughter told him she was considering removing her hijab.

Lamyaa, from Pennsylvania in the United States, posted a screenshot of her dad’s text messages on Twitter — in which he said “I’ll support you no matter what”.In an interview with the BBC, the teenager explained she raised the topic with her dad after a boy said her father would probably beat her if she took it off…Her father’s reaction has been widely praised on social media, with some users saying he had changed their views on hijabs.

Social media is celebrating because an enlightened Muslim father let his 17-year old daughter decided whether to cover her hair or not. I know it’s a good thing that he did, and there should be more dads like that, but we seem to have a very low threshold for our Muslim fellow citizens. Imagine a similar, non-sectarian story: “A father has been praised for his reaction when his 17-year old daughter told him she wants to choose herself how to dress”. It sounds like a story that didn’t quite make the cut for “The Onion”. I await further happy news about Muslim fathers who don’t want to beat their wives, genitally mutilate their daughters, or support terrorism.