PARIS, AGAIN – Every bullet fired by ISIS adds another few thousand votes to Le Pen telly.

A policeman was shot dead while two others were seriously injured by a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman on the Champs Elysees in central Paris – just three days before the French presidential election.

French police said the attack was probably a ‘terrorist act’ and the world famous avenue was on lockdown by 9pm.

Dramatic video footage captured the moment police shot dead the ISIS terrorist – who was known to security services – and had been flagged as an ‘extremist’.

Police have now launched a desperate manhunt for a second suspect after heavily armed officers flooded the area in the heart of the French capital.

And that’s yet another location I visited last year which has subsequently been a scene of a terrorist attack. Perhaps other countries should stop me from entering. This, by the way, is what Champs Elysees looks like at 9am on nights when Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen don’t kill police officers.