Women are not allowed to earn money. They can’t choose who to have a relationship with. And they’re forced to have children even if they don’t want to.

Oh cool, a new documentary about Saudi Arabia!

The Handmaid’s Tale, a new TV series based on the classic Margaret Atwood book, isn’t set in a long-forgotten society. It’s a dystopian world where puritan values reign and women’s rights have been destroyed.

Oh. Of course.

Elisabeth Moss plays the central character, and she believes the story is a more of a wake up call than it is a work of fiction.

Speaking with news.com.au, the Mad Men actor said the themes highlighted in the show are frighteningly relevant today.

“It’s taken from the puritanical times in America and the Salem witch trials, but the story is very relevant now and has been for 30 years. Look at the human rights violations [occurring] now as we speak. The show tells a great message, no matter which side you stand on politically.”

In light of the ever-growing religious extremist groups, political dictatorships, and the age of Trump, perhaps Moss is onto something about her ideas of oppressive, patriarchal societies.

What’s that old saying, that fascism is always descending on America but it always lands in Europe? Let’s be fair though; Atwood’s book was originally written during the dark night of the fascist Reagan regime. No surprises though that it is popping up on our screens now at the dawn of the fascist Trump era? (though, again to be fair, the idea of bringing the book to he screen must have occurred some time before last year’s election campaign).

The article calls “The Handmaid’s Tale” “a terrifying modern story”. There are indeed plenty of terrifying (true) moderns stories for women, but none of them are set in New England.