GIRLS GONE WILD ON FACEBOOK, TOO – After a string of controversies about closed, male-only groups on Facebook, said to promote or at least trivialise sexism, misogyny, violence, objectification and other emanations of “toxic masculinity”, it’s good to see women doing their bit for gender equality:

In an age where men are rightly condemned for sending unsolicited pictures of their genitalia to women, it seems women sharing pictures of men’s penises with each other is fair game — even if the men have not consented.

The hidden group, known as Bad Girls Advice, has more than 200,000 members and is governed by a long list of rules.

Content shared on the group includes graphic sexual discussions and images of men’s bodies, detailed accounts of intimate relationships, and discussion about violence against men — in one post a member discusses stabbing her partner with a fork and driving into him with her car.

The posts include countless naked images of men that appear to be shared without consent, many of them the subject of ridicule from the female members.

In cases where men do know their pictures have been published, they are powerless to have them removed or have right of reply because the group is limited exclusively to females who must be invited.

The overarching rule for the group is one of secrecy, with threats of punishment for those who do not abide.

Toxic femininity ca. 2017 or harmless fun? Apples and oranges or double standards?