NYT PUBLISHES DIVERSE OPINIONS, READERS’ HEADS EXPLODE – Twice in a week, “The New York Times” experimented with publishing opinion pieces outside of the comfort zone of their liberal readers. They probably won’t be doing it again.

First off was ex-“Wall Street Journal” op-ed writer Bret Stephens, recently hired by NYT (OMG already!), with his first column arguing that we should be less dogmatic about climate change and listen to arguments and research from both sides.

Oh boy.

As a noted “never Trumper” and climate skeptic, he has seen his fair share of hate mail and Twitter trolls over the past year-and-a-half — but nothing like what he’s endured since his article was posted, he says.

“After 20 months of being harangued by bullying Trump supporters, I’m reminded that the nasty left is no different. Perhaps worse,” Stephens tweeted Friday afternoon, as the hateful messages kept rolling in.


As they have every right. But the fact that they can’t tolerate one opinion piece in a sea of warm progressive group think that is NYT says a lot.

Actually make that two pieces, because here comes Ross Douthat with his “Is There a Case for Le Pen?” The day is still young, or rather night, as the column is part of the Sunday edition, but judging by Twitter reactions