HAPPY MAY DAY, WASN’T COMMUNISM JUST SWELL? – After creating the disturbance in the Force with its op-eds this week in favour of climate caution and Marine Le Pen, “The New York Times” decided to reassure its faithful readers that all is still well by running a May Day opinion piece eulogising American communism by a New York writer Vivian Gornick:

At a rally in New York City in 1962, the famously liberal journalist Murray Kempton said to an audience full of old Reds: “I have known many Communists in my life. I have not known them as criminals. I knew them once as activists — and we had our quarrels. But while this country has not been kind to you, it has been fortunate in having you. You have been arrested, you have been followed, you have had your phones bugged, you have had your children fired. Throughout this, I can think of numbers of you I have known who have remained gallant and pleasant and unbroken.” He added, “I salute you and I hope for times to be better.”

My mother was in the audience that night and said, when she came home: “America was fortunate to have had the Communists here. They, more than most, prodded the country into becoming the democracy it always said it was.”

Dear Vivian, your parents supported a tyrannical form of government, which murdered 100 million people last century, enslaved hundreds of millions more, and destroyed every economy and society it touched. The Party you eulogise was an appendage of the Soviet Union, financed by the Kremlin and spying for Kremlin against your own country. Happy May Day to you.

And Dear New York Times, are you really trolling for your second Pulitzer for white-washing communist crimes? Happy may Day to you too.