The eyes have it


To all my friends and readers, the old and the new, apologies that I won’t be able to blog as regularly and as much as I would like to over the coming few weeks. Having developed a retinal detachment (second one in as many years), I am going under the knife on Thursday, following which, at least a fortnight beckons of being horizontal and face down, to allow an air bubble inside my eyeball time to gently pressure the retina into being a good girl (without wanting to assume retina’s gender) and reattaching. I’m writing this post as a trial, lying on my bed, with my arms and the top of my torso hanging over the edge, while typing on my laptop on the floor; all this with my right eye closed, to as closely as possible simulate the post-op conditions. I can tell you it’s possible, but not very comfortable, and my arms are already going slightly numb after writing this quite short paragraph. So once again, sorry for disappointing you, my dear readers, with a limited output over the near future, particularly as my first blogiversary in my second blogging incarnation awaits in about a fortnight. Do keep visiting in the meantime, as I will attempt to continue writing to keep me slightly less insane than I am, but be aware that normal, full-on Daily Chrenking will – fingers crossed – resume with a bang in the second half of May.