WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE LEFTMatt Taibbi of “Rolling Stone” to his credit has been on this issue for a while now in relation to #Russiagate:

A lot of our civil liberties protections and rules of press ethics are designed to prevent exactly this situation, in which a person lingers for extended periods of time under public suspicion without being aware of the exact nature, or origin, of the accusations.

It’s why liberal thinkers have traditionally abhorred secret courts, secret surveillance and secret evidence, and in the past would have reflexively discouraged the news media from printing the unverified or unverifiable charges emanating from such secret sources. But because it’s Donald Trump, no one seems to care.

We should care. The uncertainty has led to widespread public terror, mass media hysteria and excess, and possibly even panic in the White House itself, where, who knows, Trump may even have risked military confrontation with Russia in an effort to shake the collusion accusations. All of this is exacerbated by the constant stream of leaks and hints at mother lodes of evidence that are just around the corner. It’s quite literally driving the country crazy.

The public deserves to know what’s going on. It deserved to know before the election, it deserved to know before the inauguration, and it deserves to know now.

The dirty secret of #Russiagate is that this state of near-permanent craziness plays directly into the media’s/left’s hands. A credible investigation might actually examine the evidence (if any) and produce some conclusions that as likely as not might not accord with the anti-Trump narrative. But never-ending leaks, allegations and innuendo; well, that pokes, distracts, and ultimately tarnishes the President without the need for anyone to actually prove anything. It’s the media death by a thousand cuts.