YASSMIN HARD DONE BY – The serial controversialist Yassmin Abdel-Magied tells a group of Year 9 students how she has been treated unfair over her Anzac Day tweet, particularly resenting her comments being described by some as “un-Australian”:

“Who is anyone to tell me what it means to be Australian?” she asked. “The only people that have the rights to this land are indigenous people. So if it’s an indigenous person saying to me ‘girl, take a step back,’ then I will listen to that. But … I’m an Australian citizen and, unless we get to the point where I get deported for misdemeanours, then I’m going to say what I want and you just have to walk away.”

Nothing like completely confusing the issues. Maybe someone needs to explain to Ms Abdel-Magied the difference between race/ethnicity and culture/values.