Don’t just pray for Manchester, do something (UPDATED)


6:06pm: If only these people responded to messages:

Sadly, these people do not really consider us “people”.

5:28pm: Possibly a false alarm, possibly not.

4:25pm: Manchester police raises the death toll to 22 and injuries to 59. The explosion is now believed to have been caused by a single suicide bomber, though uncertain if he (or she?) acted alone.

4:02pm: But of course:

Islamic State supporters celebrated on social media on Tuesday after a blast at a concert venue in the north of England killed at least 19 people, although the militant Islamist group has not formally claimed responsibility.

1:18pm: Every day is an anniversary. 22nd of May: the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby by two jihadis in Woolwich, south-east London in 2013, as well as the largest terrorist bombing in the Muslim western Chinese province of Xinjang in 2014. Further down the memory lane: Byzantine fleet sacks Damietta in Egypt in 853, and in 1176 the Shia Assassins attempt to murder Saladin.


It’s not your fault, Ariana. These people hate life. All of us, our way of life.

12:54pm: All terrorism is repulsive and repugnant, but targeting children and teenage girls takes the cake of evil. It hasn’t been really experienced in the West until now. Elsewhere though: the Beslan school hostage-taking by the Chechens and the resulting massacre (contributed to by the incompetence of the authorities), as well as a few attacks in Israel over the years by Palestinian terrorists.

12:43pm: From a summary:

A Western law enforcement official has told CNN that a male at the scene has been identified as the probable suicide bomber. There are also reports a nail bomb may have been used. A BBC reporter said one witness saw bolts on the ground, while a US law enforcement source told CBS that two explosions at the arena contained nails.

12:34pm: Thanks to ubiquity of mobile devices nowadays, every traumatic event gets recorded.

12:25pm: An unconfirmed jihadi Twitter account appears to have threatened the attack an hour before the explosion.

11:00am: A reminder that terrorists don’t care how woke you are:

In security footage obtained by TMZ, the pop singer was in a doughnut shop and appeared to lick unpurchased doughnuts on a display rack twice while the shop’s employee wasn’t looking.

Grande was accompanied by three friends, and the footage shows her kissing one of the two men, who also appeared to lick one of the doughnuts. Grande laughed out loud after he seemingly licked a doughnut and walked away.

When the shop employee returned with a new tray of doughnuts, Grande asked, “What the f— is that?”

“I hate Americans,” she continued. “I hate America.”

To them you are still a target.

10:45am: 19 dead and more than 50 injured in a suspected nail bomb explosion in the Manchester Arena foyer, outside an Ariana Grande concert. The police have detonated the second device.

And already we have a winner of the Asshole of the Year award:

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