NOT A LONE WOLF, A PACK OF HYENAS –  Not only have the original reports about the family of the Manchester terrorist Salman Abedi, which I have quoted in the immediate aftermath of the attack, been seemingly proven incorrect with the arrest of the other three male members suggesting far from a normal family with one bad apple, but the photos I used for his sister Jomana are now reported to have been misattributed to her by the Italian media. The fog of war.

Jomana has now had this to say about her brother:

Jomana Abedi sparked outrage after she told the Wall Street Journal she believed her older brother wanted revenge.

She told the newspaper Salman was “kind” and “loving”, but added: “I think he saw children — Muslim children — dying everywhere, and wanted revenge.

“He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge.

“Whether he got that is between him and God.”

Forgetting about being outraged at Jomana, just think about this: a young male is observing the conflict in Syria, where somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 people have died so far, killed either by the Muslim Assad government (which accounts for most civilian casualties), the Muslim ISIS, or the other, overwhelmingly Islamist opposition, and he is instead radicalised by a tiny tiny fraction of casualties (up to 1200 civilians according to one estimate) resulting from the sporadic American bombing (and not more than 5000 killed by the Russians). If that’s your logic, you will be radicalised by just about anything. And that’s the problem.

We are told that the American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq radicalised many Muslims; but so had limited and targeted military strikes in Libya and Syria, where America did not invade – and before that, in the 1990s, it was the American failure for three years to get involved in Bosnia and save the Bosnian Muslims, and before that the humanitarian intervention in Somalia, which saved hundreds of thousands of Somali Muslims from starvation, and the first Gulf War where America went in to rescue the Muslim Kuwait and protect the Muslim Saudi Arabia from the Muslim Iraq. All this of course does not even begin to explain why terrorists are also targeting France, Germany, Belgium or Sweden. Possibly there was a Swedish crusader once, in 1167.