THE COPTS KEEP GETTING SLAUGHTERED – More tragic news from Egypt:

Masked gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing at least 26 people, including children, and wounding 25, officials said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which came on the eve of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.The assault happened while the bus was traveling on the road to Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Maghagha, in the Minya governorate, about 220 kilometres south of Cairo, security officials said.

ISIS is now active in Egypt, having established bases in the Sinai, as well as across the border in Libya, which is why the Egyptian Air Force has been bombing suspected terror camps near Derna in Libya this morning.

The Christian minority in Egypt has been a subject to a long-running terror campaign, including the recent church bombings during the Palm Sunday celebrations. It’s not just about us, or what we have done – or haven’t done – in any particular Middle Eastern country; these people don’t particularly like infidels, any infidels, anywhere.