LOSE YOUR HEAD ON EBAY – I doubt anyone will start panicking, until an incident like that actually happens. After that…

The latest edition of the [ISIS’] English-language propaganda magazine Rumiyah mentions Australia twice in an article that explains, with jaw-dropping frankness, how to take hostages and massacre large crowds.

The article encourages would-be terrorists to advertise products on second-hand selling sites, such as Gumtree, eBay and Craigslist, to lure victims and assassinate them.

Rumiyah advises readers to specify that the product must be picked up in person and paid for in cash, to ensure that the victim enters the killer’s property.

“Upon the target’s arrival, one can then proceed to initiate his attack,” the article states.

Alternatively, the magazine says fighters can take out a fake advertisements for jobs as a means to kill innocent people.

“After garnering a significant amount of applicants, one can then arrange the ‘job interview’ location and times, spacing out the applicants appointment times so as to give oneself time to subdue each target as he arrives — luring him to an appropriate location before attacking, subduing, binding and then slaughtering them.”