MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO’S THE MOST VICTIMISED OF THEM ALL? – According to the Attorney-General George Brandis:

“Plainly, there is a very immediate connection between domestic terrorism and elements of the Muslim community in Australia, a very small element,” he said.

“That is a problem for that community, they are as much the victims as anything else, in fact, even more so than other Australian citizens because it’s their young who are being preyed upon by terrorist recruiters.

“We have to work with that community to address a problem, which I stress, is as much if not more so a problem for that particular community as it is for the entire country.”

This is a bit like saying that the Germans were the biggest victims of Nazism, because Hitler corrupted many with his horrid ideology.

While I sympathise with Muslim families whose children are being radicalised and recruited to terrorism, I sympathise much more with families whose children they kill, so far mostly on their jihad holidays in Syria and Iraq and thank God not yet in Australia.