FROM PARIS TO PARIS, VIA HARVARD – Perhaps one of the funniest of the left’s hyperventilations in reaction to Donald Trump withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement (since the US Senate never ratified Obama’s decision, the United States was never actually bound by this treaty in the first place) comes from Joyce Chaplin, Chair of American Studies and James Duncan Phillips Professor of History at Harvard:

This historical fact would not doubt be a big surprise to all the Founding Fathers, and all the successive generations of Americans, who thought their country was created by the revolutionaries who fought for and won independence from Great Britain between 1775 and 1781. Apparently we’ve all been wrong according to the American History WTF they teach at Harvard, since the United States of America were only created when Great Britain (and the “international community”, such as it existed in 1783; the United Colonialist Nations?) was finally forced to acknowledge its existence. That’s one of the essential problems with the left, always looking for validation from foreigners. In fact, 2017 has much in common with 1776, in as much as an old white rich dude with funny hair from the north-east decided to declare independence from foreign imperialists hellbent on shackling the American economy.