SHOW US YOUR HAIR! – The ACT Greens want to criminalise not only “revenge porn” (which is fair enough) but also sharing “intimate” photos without consent. How intimate, you might ask, as a potential victim of such laws?

“We’re talking about things that are more than just sexual,” Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur said.

“We’re talking about things like a photograph potentially of a Muslim woman who normally would wear a hijab when she’s out, and her community expects her to wear a hijab.

“That would be for her community potentially an intimate image, but not, of course, a sexual image.”

If privacy laws like this ever gain traction, it will soon become illegal to share any sort of photos that its subject might not wish to be seen in public – a sort of a photographic version of section 18C, where posting images will incur a penalty if these images can be seen in some way to ridicule or insult. Fat shaming, pictures putting you in a bad light (metaphorically, not artistically, speaking) or making you look stupid – our over-sensitive society is ripe for more offence to be taken, and more behaviour to be criminalised.