IT’S NOT TREASON WHEN THE LEFT DOES ITBradley Manning used to leak when it was still cool, i.e. when it merely damaged the United States as opposed to the electoral prospects of the Democratic Party, hence he/she is still a hero today:

Some of the biggest names in music are giving newly released prisoner Chelsea Manning a hero’s welcome.

A number of prominent musicians just kicked off a fundraising effort, dubbed “Hugs For Chelsea” on Manning’s behalf. To date, 39 musicians have contributed songs to the album, where all proceeds will go directly to Manning.

Tom Morello, Graham Nash and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. fame are among the dozens lending content to the fundraiser. (Stipe’s contribution appears to be limited to dashed-off 30 second PSA, shot on his phone.)

“[Chelsea Manning] is very brave and what she did was show some truth to the American people about what the government was doing in our name. God bless her,” says Nash in the album notes.

Morello (a supporter of Cuba’s communist leadership) stated “Chelsea, thank you for your bravery. You’re a true American hero and an inspiration. Welcome home.”

Manning merely indiscriminately leaked military secrets, endangering servicemen and women’s lives. If he/she leaked Hillary’s yoga schedule or John Podesta’s dinner invitations, he/she no doubt would be dead by now.