FROM AUSTRALIA, WITH LOVE – If you come to this country, become a citizen, and embark on a career in crime I can only grind my teeth and wish the criminal justice system does its job (it is a big ask, admittedly). If you come to this country, don’t become a citizen, and embark on a career in crime, I very much refuse to be culturally enriched by your contribution to our society, and approve of our government shipping you back to whichever hellhole you originally came from. We’ve got enough criminals and idiots as it is, we don’t need to import any more.

APEX gang teens could be booted out of the country when they turn 18 under a strict new federal government crackdown.

For the first time, young thugs will need to pass a “good character” test when applying for citizenship.If they fail the character test, they will remain on visas, which can be easily revoked if they reoffend.The Turnbull Government will introduce the tough new rules as part of its promised sweeping overhaul of the citizenship system.The reforms, announced in April, will also force permanent residents to wait at least four years rather than one before applying for citizenship and impose tougher English language requirements.But the Sunday Herald Sun can ­reveal the Bill will also give ­Immigration Minister Peter Dutton strong new powers to revoke the ­citizenship of Australians found to have fraudulently gained citizenship or caught lying on their applications, even if there hasn’t been a conviction.The hardline immigration measures will be the government’s main focus in the final two sitting weeks before the winter break.Mr Dutton told the Sunday Herald Sun that Australian citizenship was a privilege and the government was determined to deal with violent criminals who are non-citizens by cancelling visas and removing them from the country.

In great majority of cases, us migrants don’t do particular favours to Australia by coming to live here. Residency and citizenship are privileges, not rights or door prizes. If you’re not going to positively contribute to the country that has taken you in and welcomed you, you are very much welcome to F off, and if you won’t do it yourself, that hopefully will be easier to arrange soon.