CULTURAL APPROPRIATION – SHOW ME THE MONEY! – A few weeks ago I’ve written about the absurdity of “cultural appropriation” and undesirability of cultural ghettofication. But the other aspect of the cultural appropriation racket – like all other SJW ventures – is being a gravy-train for activists:

Delegates from 189 countries, including Canada, are in Geneva this week as part of a specialized international committee within the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency.

Since it began in 2001, the committee has been working on creating and finishing three pieces of international law that would expand intellectual-property regulations to protect things like Indigenous designs, dances, words and traditional medicines.

The meeting takes place as concern grows worldwide about the rights of cultures to control their own materials. In the U.S. this week, designer Tory Burch agreed to change the description of one of her coats for women after Romanians protested that it had been described as African-inspired when it actually appropriated a traditional Romanian garment.

Speaking to the committee Monday, James Anaya, dean of law at the University of Colorado, said the UN’s negotiated document should “obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognize and prevent the non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale and export of traditional cultural expressions.”

“Criminal and civil enforcement”, eh? Any guesses who will be the litigants, plantiffs and beneficiaries in legal actions to enforce intellectual property over “culture”? All the ethnic hucksters who make the (often very good) living out of being the self-styled “representatives” of and advocates for their minority groups. Do you think the Romanians (all 20 millions of them), or for that matter the “rank and file” Navajos or Maoris or Kalahari Bushmen will see a cent of money by way of licence for the authorised use or penalty for the unauthorised use of their culture? Keep on dreaming as you watch the new generation of Jessie Jacksons, Al Sharptons and Maxine Waterses make their millions out of victimhood.

The fraud of “cultural appropriation” represents another manifestation of collectivist thinking, which doesn’t see the trees for the forest. It defines individuals through their membership of various groups, as if the results of a genetic lottery were the biggest determinant of the self (ironically, collectivists and/or SJWs are otherwise on the side of nurture, not nature, in the great debates of biology, sociology and anthropology) as opposed to character, personality, intellect or individual circumstances. Consider the absurdity of me suing you for the unauthorized commercial performance of mazurka, polka or polonaise, on the account of the fact that I was born in Krakow of two Polish parents and that somehow makes me entitled to the intellectual property in folk dances developed over centuries by countless people I don’t know and I’m likely not directly related to.

This sham needs to be stopped before we are further segregated and divided by the diversity rent-seekers.