“DON’T POLITICISE THE TRAGEDY” – When a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter starts shooting Republican Congressmen practicing for a charity baseball game, it’s handy to remember a few useful rules:

“Don’t politicise the tragedy” when the perpetrator is either a left-winger or an Islamist terrorist perpetrating a political crime.

“The climate of hate” is only ever produced by Fox and right-wing pundits. Not by a mock beheading or theatrical stabbing a President, or comparing him to Hitler.

When Democrats like Omar Mateen or James T Hodgkinson kill people, the issue is gun control.

When a left-winger commits a crime, the story is “the Republican reaction” or better still “the Republican overreaction”.

The perpetrator is mentally ill lone wolf and you can’t draw any conclusions from his actions, unlike a right-winger, whose actions reflect on all white people/Republicans/gun owners.

And when all else fails, the Republicans deserved it.