BLAME IT ON THE BOOKIE – Well, not exactly, but you’ll see what I tried to do there. Apologies for being off air for the past three days, but as it happens twice a year I have been caught up with taking part in the largest charity book sale in the world, which of all places has been happening for the past 20 plus years in Brisbane; the town historically looked down by the sophisticated Australian southerners the same way that the sophisticated coastal elites in America have looked down on, say, Memphis or Dallas. Yes, we can actually read, thank you very much. And so, Lifeline has been taking advantage of the fact to hold an event – nay, an extravaganza – which now offers over one million books of all sorts, as well as magazines, comics, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, games and puzzles, and stationery to tens of thousands of bargain hunting nerds like myself. Why no one in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, or for that matter New York, London or Washington, has sought to copy this formula to raise money and publicity for a charity is beyond me.

P.S. If you are a Brisbanite, you have until Sunday to visit and be amazed.