TOLERANCE BARRIERS SPRING UP ALL OVER THE WORLD – They keep chanting “bridges, not walls”, and we end up with walls on bridges, like the concrete blocks now adorning the London Bridge and other London bridges to prevent any vehicles mounting the pedestrian section. More concrete blocks have now been sprinkled throughout the Sydney CBD¬†around Martin Place, perhaps to go with the newly installed “tolerance bollards” in the Melbourne CBD.

The latest effort in¬†inner city beautification will unfold in Paris, where the Eiffel Tower is set to be surrounded by an 8 feet high wall of bulletproof glass. Maybe it’s not really a wall if you can see through it.

A thousand years from now, the archaeologists of the future will dig up these miniature megaliths throughout the Western world, and careers will be made analysing their situation and alignment. While no evidence will emerge to associate them with winter and summer solstices or the position and transition of heavenly bodies, the scholars will arrive at a tentative conclusion that while their true purpose is likely to remain forever lost in the mists of time, the concrete blocks must have had some religious significance.