IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS – I’m not sure what Donald Trump’s obsession is with women journalists and blood, from Megyn Kelly to Mika Brzezinski, but in the aftermath of the new round of a 24-hour non-stop outrage cycle I really don’t have much to add beyond what I wrote a few weeks ago in my meditation “Donald Trump – the president the left deserves, and we all get”:

Unlike the Republicans of the past, Trump neither puts up the brave and dignified face nor gets his surrogates to defend and counter-attack on his behalf. Richard Nixon used to rage against all his liberal enemies in the privacy of the White House and his recording system. Not for Trump any secret enemies lists; he has Twitter, which his underlings have not managed to pry from his short fingers. No, Trump gets right into the mud and wrestles with his critics and mockers. He calls them out by name, individually or institutionally, he lays into them, ridicules them, taunts them. And that gets his enemies and his targets even more worked up, sending them into paroxysm of rage and indignation. They’re not used to a Republican – a Republican president to that – not turning the other cheek. They get drawn back into every argument, every exchange of insults, every fencing match of accusations and counter-accusations, frothing at the mouth and shaking with indignation and disbelief, while Trump has already picked himself up and moved on to start another controversy. He fights, oh yes, he fights, and fights back. That’s what his supporters always loved about him. It’s not classy, and it’s not dignified – it’s not I or many others would expect of the occupier of the highest office in the land and the “Leader of the Free World” (if such position still exists) – but it is mesmerising to watch, like a slow-motion car pile-up or a particularly violent yet funny GIF looping again and again into infinity.

As they say, read the whole thing, even if I’m shamelessly self-promoting.