BAN LEE RHIANNON – A woman who changed her surname so she could be named after a legendary Welsh witch, wants to ban the Lord’s Prayer in the Parliament:

Her push to ditch the 114-year-old tradition comes after the census showed nearly a third of Australians identify with no religion.

Rhiannon, who raised the issue in the NSW parliament in 2003, instead wants a moment’s silence for MPs to reflect on their responsibilities, and will pursue the change when parliament resumes from the winter break.

“It is actually insulting the way parliament is opened,” she told ABC Insiders on Sunday. “Considering there’s many people who aren’t religious, there’s many people of different faiths, it is time we started having an institution that is relevant to the 21st century.”

Insulting? Your presence in the the Parliament insults me, Senator, but I don’t want to see you banned, unless the voters of New South Wales decide to do it themselves.

While everyone is saying “Our Father”, Lee Rhiannon should be required to have her own minute’s silence in memory of the 100 million victims of international communism she supported until its bitter end.